Marriage Counseling Online: is it Possible

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Till death do us part…

While in the perfect world we want that to happen,sometimes the ups and downs of marriage occur.

Some people try to fix their problems on their own, others seek out marriage counseling.

Marriage counseling is a wonderful thing. It can help you find your spark back, and get you to fall in love with your partner again.

But you may wonder if online marriage counseling is possible.

With the worldwide pandemic still going on, people may only have online as a resource to get the help that they need. But is it possible to make it work? We’ll explore this here, and some of the benefits,and drawbacks to online marriage counseling.

The Pros

Let’s look at the benefits of marriage counseling online.

For starters, it’s incredibly convenient. For those who are unable to leave the house, you simply log into an app, and then there you go.

This is great for counselors who are considering moving to an online platform, and plenty of people do like this because they can get the help that they need while staying save.

It also tends to be economical too. You really just need a computer, webcam, and on the counselor’s side the platform to do this.  Let’s compare that to say, the office space for the counselor to rent out, hiring staff, the overhead, etc.  For those receiving counseling, there is also the driving to the office, and of course other expenditures which may be incurred. This is definitely cheaper, and if you’re someone pressed for cash,this is definitely a good thing.

It also is very flexible. Counselors can make their own hours, and those who want to do marriage counseling can find a time that works for them. It is not only a money-saver, but also a time-saver too.  And in a sense good for the environment because you’re not driving as much.

At the core of it all though, it is definitely less of a hassle. You’re not dealing with tearing through the streets to get to your counselor.

It is also incredibly comfy too. You’re at home, and some therapists even allow you to have pets in there so long as they’re not causing trouble or being distractive. It offers a space that’s incredibly simple to work with, and so very effective. It is good because if you’re hesitant on marriage counseling, this is a good way to start.

With divorce rates still very high, there's got to be something to make them go down right? Well, marriage counseling can help with those firefights, especially if they happen a lot.

In our world, it may be hard to get away from one another too and have your own space due to the nature of the pandemic. Your counselor can help out with a variety of issues too, and they can put a plan together for you and your partner to follow.

Are there cons to this? Well, there are a few downsides, and we’ll explore them here.

The Drawbacks

One of the biggest drawbacks is that the counselor may not read your body language correctly. You may do the same with the counselor, and sometimes, this can cause miscommunications. This can be a bit of a downer when it comes to working together.

It also is awkward at first.  While in-person sessions can be intimidating,sometimes talking a little bit behind the camera may be a lot harder for some people. Plus, if there are pauses the silence is a bit more awkward. But this is something you can get used to.

It also is a bit limited. For those who have some issues in their marriage that are manageable to handle online, it is great. If you have little bumps in your marriage, you can get the benefits from this. But some also have experienced the drawbacks as well of not getting the full gamut of experience out of the sessions, and it may feel a bit distanced between you and the counselor.

Overall though, for marriage counseling it is a totally viable option, and it can be a good thing if you need to iron out the marriage problems.

Works for Many Types of Marriage Counseling

If you’re planning on getting married soon, you can get marriage counseling to help you two stick together after the vows have been said.

If you’re a newly married couple running into the hiccups of marriage, this is a great thing for you to do.  You and your partner can definitely benefit from this, and it does mitigate some of the damage that does come from this,and you can most definitely benefit from this too down the line.

If you’ve been together for a while and the spark of marriage seemed to have died down, this is good for you too. This can help the two of you get that spark back, and really feel that connection you want to have with another person, no matter where you may be.

This is also good for those couples who are fighting more often, who struggle with really working together, and who seem to always be atone another’s throats.

Marriage counseling is great for people all types of marriages,and if you’re worried about the love going away, sometimes marriage counseling can catch that before it fizzles out. Marriage counseling is great, and with online marriage counseling, it offers a new series of therapy that you can use and benefit from, even if the two of you can’t leave the house.

So is it possible? On both ends yes. Both the client and the therapist can benefit from marriage counseling online, and it’s something you should consider. Marriage counseling is a wonderful thing to do, and marriage counselors can help people from the comfort of their own home. There is a lot of benefit to get from this, and a lot of people can be helped through the power of marriage counseling.

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